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Protect yourself from RF Radiation

We are surrounding ourselves with devices that emit Radio Frequency Radiation, and the effects are both immediate and long-term. 
In this 5 minute video you will hear the Chairman of the FCC say that we will not wait for the standards for new cell phone towers emitting higher frequency signals, details about a 1971 military study detailing pages of negative health effects from radio frequency radiation, that a group of 160+ Doctors and Scientists have petitioned the UN to address this problem, and what happens to live blood when exposed to a smart meter for 2 minutes.
Canadian ex-military expert of electronic warfare on how Russians used RF radiation on our embassy, and this tech is all around us now
A government report in 1976 from the US Defense Intelligence research documents all of the health hazards caused by wireless devices, concluded that "...this should be kept secret to preserve industrial profit." Independent scientists say that this is the single biggest technological experiment mankind has ever endured without the knowledge or consent of the public.
As you saw in the videos, we cannot rely on government agencies to protect us, we must take steps to protect ourselves and our families. Developing and growing children are even more at risk for negative health affects. Fatal brain cancers among small children has more than tripled according to one study, and sperm counts are down 60% according to others.

Now that you understand that there are invisible risks to your health and of those you love, let's look your situation.
To understand your specific risks, you should have your home and/or office area metered for RF and EMF radiation.

This doesn't have to be expensive, a 90 minute metering, evaluation and consultation can be as little as $75.

Areas of concern: WiFi routers, "Smart meters", cell towers and power lines nearby, cell phones, cordless phones, EMF radiation from wires near sleeping areas, corded clocks near beds, baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, wireless gaming controls, wireless security devices,....anything emitting a signal. 


Initial consultation and metering of either your home or work area for 90 minutes is only $75.
$25 for each 15 minute segment after that. 
It is up to us to protect ourselves. Children are more vulnerable, and what is happening to them is what is likely in our future if we don't address these issues now.  To request an appointment to have your home or work metered, send us a message.
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 Choose to protect yourself and your loved ones from radiation in your home.  

Dr. Blank warnings and petition to the UN about RF radiation

Listen to the first 6 minutes of why harmful levels of RF are "within limits"


Live blood analysis video link

2016 FCC Chairman saying we won't wait for standards or testing

The military has weaponized RF tech to "amplify and aim" radiation

Dr. Mercola 4-minute warning