Energy Positive Homes, Inc.

Energy Positive Homes, Inc.

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Using a huge 3D printer to "print" new homes can create a savings of 20% in construction costs from material and labor savings.  The key to making Energy Positive homes is using those savings for solar power, 15-30 year batteries, and

hyper-efficient design, while keeping the new home cost the same. These homes will have no electric or heat bills, and will be fire, flood, tornado and hurricane resistant. The solar systems will be sized to put excess electricity back on the grid, helping reduce our need to build new power plants.

With the 3D Printed Energy Positive Homes Project, prototype homes will be built with corporate sponsors, in partnership with local builders.  Tours of the prototypes show new home buyers and builders the innovations, and create even more demand for new homes, boosting new home sales more.

The sponsors and builders gets lots of free publicity along the way.

We can show the nation and the world how to solve the issues of housing, water, food, health and energy.

Here is a short 5 minute video explaining the project:

Energy Positive Homes

Energy Positive Homes, Inc in Mondovi, Wisconsin was created to bring 3D-printed home technology to eager home buyers. The company was established by Scott Cepek.   A Realtor for more than 16 years, he has been working to build the first prototypes of full-size 3D-printed Energy Positive homes in the US.

Scott taught investors how to rehabilitate properties for profit while working as a Realtor in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. After watching a documentary by the founder of the 5-hour Energy drink called Billions in Change Link,

he was inspired to create dynamic change in the world.

After looking for ways to save money on new home construction, he met with Andrey Rudenko, the inventor of the 3D home printer. With Andrey’s 3D printer, coupled with hyper-efficient home designs, Energy Positive Homes, Inc. was born. 


Please explore the rest of the site to see how you can play a crucial role in a world-changing development. Should you have any questions about any of the information provided, feel free to get in touch through email or phone. You can also visit the 3D printer inventor’s website to learn more about the technology.